A Turn in the Competition

Rick Santorum is posing a new threat to the Republican candidates in state caucuses this week. With four states now under his belt – Iowa, Colorado, Missouri, and Minnesota – both Newt Gringrich and Mitt Romney have another problem pushing at their backs.  The other candidates are praising his win, congratulating him on the states that he has obtained in The Daily Camera, though they are still expecting to get the overall nominee. No matter how much support the candidates show, they are all each others competition in this cutthroat race.

Romney’s victories in Florida and Nevada at first made him seem like a sure winner, with Gingrich trailing at his rear with only a win in South Carolina. Now with these past unexpected wins, there is more hope for an breakthrough in support and donations in Santorum’s campaign, in order to compete with Romney’s already strong lead.

In a speech outside of St. Louis he declares, “I don’t stand here and claim to be the conservative alternative to Mitt Romney, I stand here to be the conservative alternative to Barak Obama.” On the other side, Obama’s image is taking a hit as Republican candidates continue to batter his policies.

With this turn in the Republican competition, it is unclear as to how this race will end.


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