Santorum Picks Up The Pace

Republican Race Continues

Yesterday, Republican Rick Santorum swept tuesday’s caucuses with victories in Minnesota, Colorado and Missouri. Santorum took Minnesota over U.S. Representative of Texas, Ron Paul, 46 percent to Paul’s 27, and he beat out Mitt Romney in Colorado by 5 percent.

According to the New York Times this unlikely turn of events has shifted attention away from the recent successes of Newt Gingrich, as it now appears that Santorum is second in line behind Mitt Romney. “We definitely are the campaign right now with the momentum,” Santorum said in an interview with CNN.

In response to his loss on Tuesday, the New York Times has reported that Gingrich is turning his focus to Ohio, of which voting is not until Super Tuesday, or March 6th.

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2 thoughts on “Santorum Picks Up The Pace

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