The Republican Caucuses

Yesterday Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum won the Colorado and Minnesota caucuses and a non-binding primary in Missouri. In Minnesota Santorum won 44.8 percent of the votes, with Ron Paul coming in second with 27.2 percent. In Colorado Santorum won 40.2 percent of the votes. He has now won four states, including Iowa on January 3.

Mitt Romney won the Minnesota primary in 2008, indicating that Santorum’s win yesterday in that state makes him a serious contender against Romney and Newt Gingrich. According to, a low voter turn-out in all three states may be an indication that Republican voters are dissatisfied with the candidates. Santorum’s strong victory in Missouri demonstrates his appeal to both evangelicals and tea party supporters.

Santorum’s wins prove to be a big disappointment to Romney after he won Florida and Nevada. “Super Tuesday”, which falls on March 6 this year, will prove to be the real challenge for Santorum.


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