Republican Caucuses Unexpected winner

Rick Santorum won the Minnesota and Colorado Caucuses and a nonbinding Missouri primary yesterday. According to the New York Times, Santorum’s victories came as a surprise especially to Mitt Romney, who is currently in the lead for the Republican nomination. In total, Santorum has won four states including Iowa. This presents a new level of competition for Newt Gingrich who has only won one.

Rick Santorum’s unexpected success has raised questions for the Republican party regarding their prediction that Romney is going to receive the nomination. When discussing Romney’s next move, the Chicago Tribune states “He must now wait three weeks to regroup, when Arizona and Michigan hold what suddenly are shaping up as unexpectedly important primaries.”

Following his victory USA Today reported Santorum saying, “Ladies and gentlemen, I don’t stand here today to be the conservative alternative to Mitt Romney. I stand here to be the conservative alternative to Barack Obama.”


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