Day 147…What Now?

It started with 1000 people in New York City in Zuccotti Park on September 17, 2010.  The protest, which exploded into the crazy Occupy Wall Street movement, or #occupywallstreet, was planned from the start by Canadian non-profit magazine company, Adbusters.  Since that day, it has been 147 days and the movement has spread exponentially.  The movement has been criticized for not having a strong defined purpose, and later on for the levels of crime from within.

Acording to, there have been 6509 confirmed arrests from 110 different cities across the United States. The arrests have only served to undermine the efforts of the movement and give cause for concern to politicians who have allo

wed it to continue. While OWS is still in operation according to Adbuster’s official OWS website and in its 147th day, the actual activity would say otherwise.  On the 140th day, February 3rd, police in Washington D.C. cleared out one of the last Occupy camps, arresting seven people. Adbusts is far from giving up, and issued a call for 50000 protesters to Occupy the G8 Summit on May 1st.

The main issue that has arisen with this movement is the question of its
thing is changed as a result for possibly several years.value. To answer the question simply, the movement succeeded in creating awareness of the issues at hand, especially the unequal distribution of wealth.  We will not know if any

Another thing that OWS proved is how far laws can be bent and broken before repercussions. The idea that procreated among the Occupiers is that Americans have the fundamental right to protest, which is not actually a fact.  The first amendment gives people the right “peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government f

or a redress of grievances.”  Nothing about illegally camping, or “Occupying,” prohibited grounds and tearing up public parks is peaceable. Police did not arrest Occupiers because of the protest itself, it was simply for the crimes.

In many cities, large assemblies must have proper permits for the safety of everyone involved. Camping is prohibited on most federal and state government grounds. Public urination, defecation, and fornication are illegal.  The fact of the matter is t
hat many Occupiers did not follow certain laws, which resulted in their arrest


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