Occupy Movement Reshapes Protests

Americans are losing their jobs, the real-estate market is in crisis, college tuition is too high, and the world economy is struggling. These are just some of the many reasons the Occupy movement began. Many protestors claim their main goal was to redistribute the wealth among the classes. They claim the 1 percent, think Warren Buffett, make extraordinary amounts of money, but pay little in taxes. Wall Street was the perfect place for the movement to begin since many of the 1 percent work there.

Is this really the movement’s main objective? Have supporters of the movement lost sight of their goal? Fueled by social media the movement gained momentum among younger generations. However, these new supporters were causing the movement to lose sight of the main objective. Protestors have used the Occupy movement to support protests against closings New York City schools. Like many other protests inspire by the Occupy movement, this protest has almost no connection to the Occupy movement’s original goal.

The hype and notoriety of the Occupy movement caused other protests to latch onto the movement to increase support for their own movements. Even though the media continues to report Occupy inspired movements, the original Occupy movement is dying. Mini Occupy movements across the country have obscured the original intention of the protest. Today, protestors are acting under the vague belief that corporations are to blame for all of America’s problems.

Prior to the movement’s death, it reshaped the way protests gain followers. A CNN report called the movement the first Internet-era protest. Despite the unclear goals of the movement, it got people talking about issues of national importance. People were voicing their opinions on social media sites, and the political and business worlds listened.

The Occupy movement might have failed to achieve its vague goal of re-distributing the wealth, but Americans were paying attention. People were having conversations, asking questions, debating issues, and learning about important issues in America. Educating the American public and reshaping protests was the ultimate accomplishment of this movement.


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