Definitely a “Super” Bowl


On February 5, 2012, an estimated 111 million people tuned into NBC to watch the New York Giants conquer the New England Patriots in football’s biggest game, according to Yahoo! Sports. The Super Bowl, which began in 1920, has become more than just an American football game; it has become a celebration, a call for friendly gatherings, a fierce competition, and a time to reconnect with friends and family around a television.

With a name derived from the classic college football bowl games, the Super Bowl is held annually as the final game of the National Football League playoffs. The location of the game changes annually, and this year, it was held at the Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana. According to an article by Mason Levinson, seats at the Feb. 5 game sold for an average of $3,664 a piece, and according to ESPN, companies paid about 3.5 million dollars for a 30 second commercial slot.

Family and friends gather across the world to watch players tackle each other and sprint to the end zone in order to gain the title of Super Bowl champion. So why is the Super Bowl such a huge event? The answer is simple, the Super Bowl is not simply a football game, it is a tradition. In my home, Super Bowl Sunday is not a day that is focused solely on football. Rather, it is a day where my mother invites the family, neighbors, and close friends to gather around our wide-screen television and cheer on a team that we may know nothing about.

In addition to a four hour football game, the Super Bowl is packed with advertisements and commercials that viewers love to watch, rate, and discuss.

In a New York Times NFL Blog, George Vecsey said, “It’s a whole separate industry, making and publicizing the commercials. Sometimes more people talk about the halftime show or the commercials than they do about the game.”

These advertisements are not only relatable, but are interesting, funny, and easy to understand. Countless men, women, and children have reiterated, “The commercials are the best part” when referring to the Super Bowl. When it comes to these advertisements, companies work all year to perfect a quick commercial looking to sell a product while simultaneously entertaining an audience.

Another huge part of the Super Bowl, the halftime show, brought in 114 million viewers this year according to an article on The Inquisitr. Madonna, style icon and performer, took the stage alongside Nicki Minaj and Cee Lo Green as both on and off screen audiences watched intently, ready to dissect the performance as soon as it ended.

This constant hype that surrounds the Super Bowl makes it a huge event for everyone, including those who do not take particular interest in football. For these reasons, the Super Bowl is not simply a game, but an event, a memory, and a reason to share conversation and laughter among friends, family and acquaintances.


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