It’s Not Even About The Game

To be honest, I don’t understand the hype behind the Super Bowl each year. I can’t argue that it isn’t popular though, since Super Bowl XLVI had the biggest television audience of all time: 111.3 million people.

And when watching the game, Americans consume enough food to make Super Bowl Sunday the second biggest day for eating; Thanksgiving is the first.

Normally, television owners do all they can to avoid commercials, but on February 5th commercials were one of the biggest highlights of the game. Almost immediately afterward, the internet was flooded with them so users could vote on their favorites.

So, my question is, what is it about the Super Bowl that almost makes the game less important?

In a New York Times blog, one writer tried to explain the appeal of the Super Bowl to a German correspondent and, although he was able to make a few solid arguments about why the sport lends itself to great play by play coverage, his final assessment of the whole event was that it is “So American. So big. So long. So expensive.”

However, when you take away the half-time show and ignore the commercials, the actual football game, what remains “is a uniquely intense and dangerous game that demands equal parts physical and mental effort”.  If sports fans are excited about the game itself, are all the other Super Bowl components even necessary?

In most cases, even though commercials are heavily promoted as a part of the Super Bowl, they almost have no purpose.  Although companies are trying to sell, even spending upwards of $3 million to do so, they don’t exactly get customers rushing to stores by the end of the game.  The Super Bowl is long and the commercials begin to blend together.

In the end, I guess I’ll have to boil behaviors surrounding the Super Bowl down to inexplicable phenomena, as the real purpose of the game has been convoluted by advertisements and binging.


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