Not Even The Best PR

By Don Granese

Some presidents are remembered forever. Some are forgotten. President Bill Clinton will never be forgotten, but he sometimes probably wishes he could.

Growing up, President Clinton was the first real president I knew or at least could remember. He was in office when I was in elementary school.

I learned what a president did and what his job was while Clinton was in office. It was from him that I also learned what the word scandal meant.

Even the best PR team on earth couldn’t have spun the scandal surrounding President Clinton in a better way. No matter what he does he will always be seen as the guy who ‘lied’ to America about his personal affairs.

Personally I don’t think the scandal should define a man who accomplished so much during the two terms he served in the oval office. What killed his career wasn’t really the affair itself, it was the fact that he lied. He changed his answer of a clear ‘No I did not have relations with that woman’ to a yes and ‘I’m sorry’. But sorry was not… and at that point could not ever be enough.

For my generation, there are really mixed feelings towards the situation. Some people don’t think the scandal has anything to do with his presidency while others think the scandal was his presidency.

When he appears in history books he might be referred to as the president who nearly eliminated our national debt, but he will always be initially defined as the president who slept with Monica Lewinsky. The end of his political career was overshadowed by a small lie, but it was a lie to the nation…a nation that almost never forgives and never forgets.


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