Amendment One: A Push For Inequality

By Don Granese

On May 8th, Amendment 1 will apear on the ballot in the state of North Carolina. It’s being called the ‘same-sex marriage’ amendment. If passed, it would prohibit gay marriage in the state as an amendment to the North Carolina state constitution.

U.S. Sen. Kay Hagan has stated that she is against the proposed amendment. She believes that it would portray the state in a negative light and defer a large population of people from wanting to come to North Carolina to either become residents or to start businesses. This would harm the state’s overall economy.

I agree with Sen. Hagan. If this amendment is passed it will alienate not only a population of Americans from investing in the state, but it will alienate many North Carolinians who have been born and raised here…North Carolinians who are openly LGBTQ and children who are raised in LGBTQ families.

According to an Elon University Poll from last September, 56 precent of North Carolinians oppose a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage. Hopefully this is the same turn out we might see from the results of the Spring ballot.

Even though it appears the public will reject the amendment, these elections don’t always reflect the public opinion. They reflect the opinion of the voters.

In 2008 it was a shock to the nation when California passed Proposition 8 which would essentially do the same thing that amendment one is trying to push. The reason proposition 8 passed is because it had a large pool of funding backing it from various churches and corporations. A large public outcry called for the proposition to be overturned. In February a federal appeals court found it to be unconstitutional.

If the amendment in North Carolina were to pass it would paint North Carolina to be a backwards state frozen in a conservative political state never moving forward. It would draw an invisible border around the state that says ‘we don’t believe in equality’.


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