NC Amendment One

On May 8, North Carolina voters will have the opportunity to decide whether banning same-sex marriage will be a part of the state constitution.

Democratic leaders are urging residents to vote down the amendment, saying it allows for further discrimination of gay and lesbian couples. U.S. Sen. Kay Hagan released a statement saying that if the amendment passed it could damage North Carolina’s business sector and economic recovery.

“In today’s hyperpartisan political environment, I view any attempt to alter our state constitution with a critical eye. Amendment One has far-reaching negative consequences for our families, our children and our communities,” Hagan said in a statement last week.

Same-sex marriage is already banned under North Carolina law, but adding it to the state constitution would make it much more difficult to extend marriage rights to gay and lesbian couples in the future.

According to an Elon University poll, 57 percent of North Carolinians polled said they are against Amendment One.

Marvin M. Ellison, an ordained Presbyterian minister and self-identified gay man, said in an address to Elon faculty, staff and students on Friday that establishing marriage rights for gay couples does not acknowledge larger social issues.

Ellison also said that achieving greater social equality for women, solving wealth disparity and legitimizing gay and lesbian couple’s love for one another were bigger issues that need to be solved in today’s society.

North Carolina Amendment One has brought all of these hot-button issues to the table. Why does banning gay marriage need to be a part of the state constitution? There will be no positive outcomes from it going into effect, it will serve only for further discrimination and to hurt the state’s economy.


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