North Carolina Argues Over The Definition Of Marriage

The argument over same sex marriage has been raging over America. More recently, North Carolina has engaged in the debate. In September 2011 an amendment was proposed that would prohibit gay marriage North Carolina, this has led to a sea of opposition to arise  among locals. Some say that marriage should be redefined to fit people of different sexual orientations. Others, like U.S. Sen Kay Hagan, take a more political approach and believe that the amendment will have negative effects on the economy.

I don’t support the proposed amendment, because I think it is promoting discrimination at a time when equality is on the rise. If North Carolina chooses not to recognize same sex marriage this could have major consequences on the families and businesses planning on locating here. With the current unemployment rate being as high as it is, the state should be welcoming business not discouraging it.

North Carolina law already defines marriage as one “created by the consent of a male and a female person,” voters will be given the opportunity to make this law a permanent on May 8. If the amendment isn’t passed, North Carolina will become the first South Eastern state to support gay marriage.


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