Opposing Amendment One

There are still a few months before the May 8 ballot for North Carolina’s Amendment One, but arguments against it are already gaining ground.

Amendment One would ban civil unions in the state of North Carolina, strictly defining marriage as “created by the consent of a male and female person”. Ricky Woods, a Greensboro pastor, says that “Voting no against this amendment is an endorsement against discrimination“.

Reverend Marvin Ellison, a gay advocate, visited Elon University last Friday and discussed Amendment One in a speech about same-sex marriage. He argued that same-sex marriage is about more than just marriage, and is really about social approval and equal protection under law.

Another argument against the amendment comes from U.S. Sen. Kay Hagan. She released a statement that “urges[s]” North Carolinans to oppose the amendment, ultimately citing its negative effects on the economy as the reason to do so. The amendment will not only discriminate against families and communities, but would “harm our state’s ability to recruit the innovators and businesses that are driving our economic recovery.”

These arguments, as well as the widening disparity of economic and social conditions between straight and gay communities, are reasons that I fully support opposing Amendment One and urge fellow North Carolinans to do the same. Marriage should be a right for all, if not, a privilege for those that deserve it.




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