Addicted to Cell Phones

Everywhere you look you will see people using their cell phones. In today’s society you will seldom meet a person who does not own a cell phone. These little devices have become an intricate part of everyone’s lives. We rely on these devices to get through the day whether it is to be reminded of appointments, check email, text or call a friend or family member, check the weather, or find out the latest news. But are we relying on these devices too much?

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CNN recently reported on the Mobile World Congress, and American’s growing addiction to their mobile devices. According to CNN, cellphones are becoming like mini Frankensteins. Many rumors have been circulating that certain cellphones were even tracking their user’s every move. According to the Wall Street Journal, Google Inc. has been bypassing the privacy settings on Apple Inc.’s iPhone Safari web browser to track the user’s online activity. Google Inc. installs the Google tracking code on various sites such as YouTube, ehow, and to track user’s interaction on the sites. Google claims that they do not use their tracking code to collect personal data, and the code is only used to provide the Google sign-in feature.

If Google Inc. is tracking user’s mobile activity they are likely not the only ones. Cellphone users should be aware of this activity, and fear the results it might cause. In the digital era we live in today, we are giving up more of our privacy rights than ever before. Facebook, Google, and Twitter are just a few sites that collect our personal data. Some sites even sell the information they collect to advertising agencies that use the information to personally target consumers. reported on the daily lives of a child using technology. Some of the results they discovered shed light on the growing number of children using electronics. Children’s use of electronics at a younger age than ever before fuels the addiction to the devices. By the time they reach adulthood they will be so addicted to their devices, getting rid of them will not be an option. Report on Children’s use of Technology:

  • Cell phones are used for talking, texting and accessing the Internet. More than three-quarters of secondary-age pupils use cell phones to get online.
  • Before school, children are more likely to play with their cell phones than watch TV.
  • Even in bed at night, the cell phone is being used by 32 per cent of children aged 5- 16.

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Having our personal lives exposed in this digital era is inevitable. However, we should not allow their personal information be sold to advertising agencies, and the collection of personal data should stop somewhere. Do we really want personal information such as our social security numbers to be available to everyone?


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