When Technology Attacks

Our little monster phones might be consuming our time and energy.

By Don Granese

Check your pocket right now, or maybe your purse. There’s a little monster that’s probably following you around at this very moment. Your phone is out to get you.

In a recent special opinion article for CNN, Andrew Keen wrote about our reliance on technology…especially our phones. As they get smarter we become more reliant on them to provide us with up to the second updates.

Keen says that when we don’t have our phones with us we feel as though a piece of us is missing.

Personally if my phone isn’t in my front right pocket at all times I feel naked.

I’m constantly ‘checking in’ on Foursqaure, ‘liking’ things my friends post on Facebook, ‘tweeting’ and ‘retweeting’ on twitter and of course text messaging every other minute. I can admittedly state that I am addicted to my cell phone. The background of my phone clearly states “Don’s Phone” although it should probably say “Phone’s Don”. My phone might possibly own my soul.

One reason why I might be so attached to my phone is that I have had my own cell phone for over half of my life. When I was ten my parents wanted me to have one in case of an emergency. I can’t imagine what life was even like before the modern convenience of a mobile device.

In a recent segment from ABC’s Good Morning America, they looked into how the age of children getting phones is getting younger and younger each year.

These children are learning how to text before they even know how to write. Could writing be a thing of the past? Will we get to a point where simple short 140 character blurbs we write on the bus might be our primary way of communicating?

It seems as though we are so attached to cell phones that they will be part of how we communicate for years to come. That is until we create another little monster of a device that allows us to connect faster and easier.



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