Why Waste ‘Em?

In August 2011 in a study done by PEW, 53 percent of Americans had smartphones, with 35 percent utilizing the inner workings of a smartphone, such as Internet navigation, e-mailing and purchasing apps.

As the proud owner of a 2004 LG EnV 2, I cannot say that I have fallen into the trap that smartphones so effortlessly lure people into. In the world of phones, 2004 is basically the Civil War era. Though of course I take advantage of the one thing my phone can do (texting), and use it mercilessly.

Phones are now our entertainment system; a way to combat boredom, to avoid social interaction, and to use apps to find the nearest sushi bar. The services that a little 3 by 5 inch piece of who knows what can provide are absolutely incredible.

Let’s be honest, can Americans really be proud of the fact that we spend a good portion of the day looking at a screen of some sort, whether it be a television, our phones, or a computer? We shouldn’t be. It has made our world far less personal, and my eyes are beginning to hurt from all of the LED penetration.

Although this is true, we Americans are also all about getting the next best thing, and phone companies are just doing their job to keep up with demands. The general population has fueled the monster, not the company making it. We’ve demanded it, now we’ve gotten it.

Though cellular devices have become a permanent accessory to our daily wear, humans are still humans, and phones are still phones. Until the apocalypse is created by the ability of cellular phones to take over the minds of millions, I’ll have to disagree with arguments of cell phones becoming skilled in reasoning capabilities that will eventually lead to world domination. Our world has been forever changed by these gadgets. For worse or for better? For me, it is too soon to tell.

As the simple function of a phone goes, they are here to provide us cushions for emergencies, communication lines to the seemingly impossible, and a way to look busy in socially awkward instances.

Yes, our world could have survived without them, but why would we? To the college student who wants to call her mother while walking in a dark alley, or the proud father who wants to inform every family member on the birth of his new daughter, cell phones are a beautiful thing.


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