Tina Firesheets

Greensboro News & Record reporter Tina Firesheets recently visited our Reporting For The Public Good class.

Firesheets started out as a feature reporter at the paper. She really enjoyed that position because it meant she could cover a very wide variety of stories. She spoke with students about the dangers of being a reporter. She said that there were times where she would go out on assignment and feel very nervous or anxious about the area of town she was in.

Firesheets explained to the class that if we wanted to ever get careers as journalists that there is always a way as long as we’re determined. “Don’t give up. There’s more than one way to get in,” she said.

As a reporter one of Firesheets favorite things is that she can step into someone else’s life from time to time. Her job is to take some of the most interesting experiences people have ever had and put them into stories that people can relate with.

As far as what makes a story, she says it’s about what other people want to hear. Stories are as good as they are interesting and engaging. She explained, “If you think it’s interesting and you tell other people and they seem interested, then that’s your hook.”

Her greatest advice to the young journalists present was to not worry. While the business is based on deadlines and details, journalists need to breathe and then just take a look at what the story is, not what it should be. “You don’t need to know everything, your sources can inform you,” said Firesheets.

Tina Firesheet’s Articles: http://www.news-record.com/whois/tina_firesheets


One thought on “Tina Firesheets

  1. Don – Good photo and link to her work. This is short, but does touch on some of her major points. Don’t sensationalize the part about going into parts of town that made her nervous. She said this, but I recall the comment being a minor one. Nice use of final quote.

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