Republican candidate Santorum sweeps voting in three states

Presidential candidate Rick Santorum gives a speech in St. Charles, Mo. Photo courtesy of The Washington Post.

Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum won the votes of Missouri, Minnesota and Colorado in yesterday’s elections.

Santorum took 55 percent of the vote in Missouri’s primary, 45 percent in Minnesota’s caucus and 40 percent in Colorado’s caucus to overtake his competitors by at least 5 percent in all three elections, noted.

According to the Boston Globe, Santorum’s wins put him in the lead for the race to the presidential ballot. In the eight caucuses that have occurred since the beginning of January, Santorum has won four, while candidate Mitt Romney has taken three and Newt Gingrich only one.

Despite his gain in momentum, however, Santorum failed to gain any delegates for this summer’s Republican National Convention, The Huffington Post stated. Colorado and Minnesota assign 36 and 40 delegates respectively for the Convention, but because last night’s elections are unbinding, the designation of delegates could change this spring when the states hold their state conventions.